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Sacred Resins Incense

This blend can be used to clear, consecrate, and attract positive forces and is made from a combination of holy resins across spiritual traditions and cultures. Resins as a whole are the highest-vibrating beings on the planet and are associated with creating communication bridges between this reality and the ancestral worlds.

3 parts pine resin
2 parts copal oro (gold copal)
2 parts olibanum
1 part tolu balsam
1 part gum mastic
½ part myrrh
½ part amber

Pine: A variety of trees in the Pinus genus and Pinaceae family, pines are indigenous to most of the Northern Hemisphere and some tropical regions of the Southern Hemisphere. Medicinally, pine aids the respiratory system, reducing inflammatory responses in the lungs; supports blood pressure and cardiovascular health; and is engaged to treat colds, flus, and infections. Spiritually, pine is associated with peace, spiritual ascension, longevity and the eternal power of our Spirits, protection, refuge, and nourishing our lives. “Spirit of Pine, assist us today in nourishing our hearts, minds, and Spirits with your medicine. Spirit of peace and protection, support our elevation and walk with us throughout our lives.”

Copal: Copal is the resin of several species of the Burseraceae (torchwood) family found in tropical and subtropical regions of South and Central America, as well as other resinous botanicals in North and Central America, including Hymenaea, in the legume family; Pinus (pines or pinyons); Jatropha (spurges); and Rhus (sumac). Medicinally engaged to treat skin alignments and joint pain, copal also has antiseptic properties. All copals have the same vibratory energy, and their subtle differences are spoken about below. “Spirit of Copal, holy protector and guardian, we call you forth here in this work. Assist us in strengthening our bodies, Spirits, and willpower, and cleanse all negating forces from ourselves and our spaces. Help us to take flight and move our lives closer to Spirit.”

Olibanum (Boswellia rivae): Similar to frankincense both medicinally and spiritually, olibanum is a different species of tree that is found in the same regions (North Africa, India, Oman, and Yemen) with only aromatic differences. Frankincense has more lemony tones, whereas olibanum has orange notes. “Olibanum, holy resin, Spirit of fire and passion, banish all negating forces and open the roads and paths of blessings, opportunities, and fortune to us and our homes and spaces. Help us to strengthen our boundaries, solidify our resolve, and uplift our Spirits.”

Tolu balsam (Myroxylon toluifera): Indigenous to South America, tolu balsam is an underrecognized and underutilized botanical outside of indigenous and Brujería communities and is another great alternative to white sage. Engaged as helper for skin-related matters such as chafing, tolu balsam coats and seals the area to keep moisture even as it offers its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Spiritually, tolu balsam is associated with peace, unconditional love, sympathy, empathy, and fidelity. “Spirit of Tolu Balsam, be present in our lives, our homes, and our spaces. We ask that you clear all internalized oppressions within both ourselves and our spaces, and help us to see our inward beauty and fully hold ourselves with compassion and understanding. Tolu Balsam, we ask that you attract all forms of unconditional love, support, and joy into our lives and our homes.”

Gum mastic: A resin cultivated from a species of pistachio tree (Pistacia lentiscus) that is mainly found on the Greek island of Chios and rocky regions of the Mediterranean, gum mastic is known medicinally as a supporter for a number of gastrointestinal ailments. Spiritually it is associated with protection, evocation and invocation rituals, divine emanation, knowledge, and wisdom. “Gum Mastic, the powerful channeler, Spirit of Divine knowledge, wisdom, and guardian, we ask you to be present within us and within our spaces. We evoke Divinity and all transcendent and evolved Masters, Teachers, and Guides to be with us as we work toward our own elevation. Spirit of guidance, help us to trust our instincts and intuition and guide us toward our most exquisite thriving.”

Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha): Several trees in the Burseraceae family are cultivated as a source for myrrh. It is one of the most easily recognizable of the resins due to its long history of use, from ancient Egyptians to the modern-day Catholic Church. Native to the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa, myrrh has been employed since antiquity as an antibacterial agent, antifungal, astringent, antiseptic, antiparasitic, cough suppressant, and antispasmodic as well as to stimulate menstrual flow. In its spiritual aspects, myrrh is associated with the Divine Feminine and is called on so we can hear and receive the voice of Divinities; it is also a calming and soothing force for our Spirits. “Myrrh, Spirit of the Divine Feminine in all her forms, we call to you to be with us in our work. Assist us as we soothe and calm our energies, our hearts, our Spirits, and our spaces, and help us to become aware of the voices of the Divine within ourselves that are leading us toward our liberation. Spirit of Myrrh, be with us as we elevate.”

Amber (Succinum): For this recipe I use a semipetrified amber versus the soft, gummy Indian perfumer’s amber that is a combination of liquid styrax or benzoin resins that are then scented. This form of amber can have various medicinal properties depending on a number of different factors, but spiritually it represents illumination, fire, and protection, and it captures any negative forces present within us or our spaces. “Amber, Spirit that captures and burns all negativity, assist us as we burn through all of the spiritual and mental fog, emotional uncertainties, and negating forces within us that keep us away from our own illumination. Help us to see clearly and easily our paths in the world and the actions we need to take in order to achieve our successes. Spirit of Amber, be with us.”