It’s been three weeks since the release of Red, White, and Royal Blue and we just can’t get over Alex and Henry’s story. From battling societal pressures from their respected roles as the president’s son and successor to the throne, their love story has certainly helped them cope. Alex and Henry have such different personalities, but that’s what makes them work!

Wonder what Ulysses Press titles the other would read? Don’t worry we got you! Enjoy this curated list of Ulysses Press titles based on Alex and Henry from Red, White, and Royal Blue. 


Alex is proud to celebrate his Texan roots. There’s no doubt he wouldn’t love some Texas BBQ right now.

And what’s Henry’s favorite midnight snack..? ICE CREAM! Whenever his Royal Highness can’t get a good night’s sleep, he heads downstairs to get a sweet treat.



Alex’s mom, Ellen Claremont, is the 45th president of the United States of America and the first ever woman president. Who’s her real-life parallel? The first-ever woman to win a presidential nomination by a major U.S. political party.

In the world of email and texts, nothing offers a more personal touch than a beautifully handwritten letter, invitation, or thank you note. Henry is sure to have this skill as a royal.

Trivia & Activities

Alex might be living in the White House, but he doesn’t know everything that’s happened! This book is a celebration of all the things that make America wacky and great.


From Queen Elizabeth II to Prince George, there’s a lot of news to keep up with regarding the royal family. Prince Henry knows about making history, but there could be more he didn’t know about “his” royal family.



Vulnerability WorkbookBeing the president’s son, going to college, and secretly dating a royal prince must be hard to juggle. Alex is sure of some help to keep track of everything.

The word “vulnerability” is scary. But vulnerability, when approached in a safe way and anchored in self-trust, can be the key to healthy, long-lasting relationships. We hope Henry can trust himself.