Upgrade Your Vagus Nerve

Dr. Navaz Habib is back with new science-backed therapies to help you navigate how to heal the vagus nerve naturally!

In this long-awaited follow-up to his bestseller, Activate Your Vagus NerveDr. Habib explores stressors, measurement techniques, and practical protocols to create a roadmap to help you lead a healthier and happier life.

If you want to learn how to heal the vagus nerve naturally, nutrition is one way to do that. In Upgrade Your Vagus Nerve, you’ll learn common triggering foods to avoid, foods to include, and supplements to consider.

In a sneak peek of the book, let’s go over some of these nutritional strategies that Dr. Habib lays out. And don’t forget to pick up your copy of Upgrade Your Vagus Nerve! You can also check out Dr. Habib’s other books on the vagus nerve: The Vagus Immune Connection and Activate Your Vagus Nerve.

How to Heal Your Vagus Nerve Naturally


Nutritional Strategies

A significant and overlooked component of upgrading vagus nerve function is through optimizing nutrition. There are foods that we need to incorporate into our diets to supply raw materials for ACh production, as well as foods to exclude from our diets as they are common triggers to inflammation, acting as biochemical stressors that will alter the microbiome population and trigger hormonal and biochemical stress internally.

Be mindful, be aware, and learn to hear the whispers from your body if something is not working well or if you feel better with certain foods. Most people are unaware that a specific food is a trigger for reactions, so using a food-and-symptom diary is a great idea for 3 to 14 days to help you determine if there is a potential dietary trigger.

Common Triggering Foods to Avoid

In general, the more a food is processed, the higher the calories and the lower the nutrient status of that food. Not to mention that many of these processed foods contain highly processed and inflammatory seed oils. I highly recommend becoming an ingredient list reader when you are choosing what to bring home from the grocery store. Processed meats are another area that we need to be careful of due to the use of nitrates, nitrites, or the curing process.

Foods to Include

The simple answer to the question “What should I eat” is WHOLE foods. This may be too simple an answer for some, but it is the absolute truth of the matter with resounding evidence. The general consensus is that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest form of diet, which is a great starting point for most of us who are looking to improve our health in some way. From here we should refine and personalize the diet to exactly what works best for us individually.

The highest quality protein options include grass-fed, grass-finished beef; organic chicken or turkey; organic pork; wild-caught low-mercury fish; and hunted game meat—essentially animals raised without the use of hormones, additives, or chemicals, and fed an evolutionarily consistent diet are the best options to support protein intake.

For more nutritional information, make sure to snag a copy of Upgrade Your Vagus Nerve!