coffee magic

Happy International Coffee Day! Yes, that’s right. There’s a designated day to celebrate all things coffee. Some people don’t need a special day for that; that’s called every single morning (and sometimes afternoon, too, to beat the mid-day slump). 

Also, wouldn’t you say there’s something magical about coffee? After all, that first sip in the morning has the power to make or break your day! But little did you know that every cup of coffee holds simple yet powerful magic. It can do more than just give you the kick you need to start the day.

Discover coffee magic in Elsie Wild’s Coffee Magic for the Modern Witch. This bewitching guidebook is filled with original spells, rituals, divination practices, and more. You’ll learn about the magical properties of coffee and all its many forms, from the protective power of espresso to the loving quality of mocha. Check out a brief excerpt below to learn how to do a milk foam reading, and don’t forget to grab a copy of Elsie’s book for more spellbinding rituals and practices!

Brewing Up Some Magical Rituals

Ingredients alone are only part of the reason why coffee is so magical. The rituals that go along with the ingredients also make coffee so sacred to our lives—from those quiet moments in the morning when no one is up and you make that first pot of the day, to grabbing a latte with a friend every Thursday as a chance to stay connected. Whether you have a long and complex method of making “the perfect cup of coffee,” simply press the “brew” button on a machine, or grab a cup on the way to work, you are creating a daily ritual for yourself. The magic comes by adding intention to these rituals. Whether you’re searching for the answer to your most burning questions at the bottom of your cup or want to add a little magic to your daily brew, there’s a ritual for you.

Clouds In My Coffee: A Milk Foam Reading

Have you ever gotten so focused on doing a task that you kind of zone out, your mind getting so clear that you can suddenly work out a problem that you have been struggling with? Maybe the answer or a clue about your future has been standing in front of you the whole time. Or floating on the top of your coffee. For this ritual, we’ll be making a traditional macchiato, a brew associated with spells, movement, and catalysts, and decoding the future by looking at the coffee cloud within.


1 shot espresso

a small cup

1 ounce milk (whole milk or oat milk)

a milk frother pitcher (or a cup)

a milk frother (or French press or whisk)

a spoon

pen and paper (optional)

sprinkle of cinnamon (optional)

The Ritual

Step 1

Take a deep breath and cleanse your mind. Exhale any worries or negative feelings you are currently having and leave your mind open and accepting as you work.

Step 2

Make your espresso the way you normally prepare it. If you don’t have espresso, you can use 1 1/2 ounce strong dark roast coffee. Pour into your cup.

Step 3

Heat up your milk either on the stovetop, microwave or using the steamer on the espresso maker. The milk should be hot but not boiling.

Step 4

Pour your milk into your pitcher or cup. Use your milk frother (or whatever you use to froth the milk) to froth the milk. You want to make this a light and fluffy foam. As you froth, think about the question you have in mind for the reading or the vibes you are currently feeling.

Step 5

When your milk is nice and fluffy, with your spoon, remove the top of the foam from the milk. Place that dollop of milk right on top of your espresso. Ask your question, if you have one.

Step 6

Study the milk cloud in your coffee. What does it look like? Does its shape remind you of anything? Make a note of everything you see, even if you don’t think it’s important right now. If you don’t see any particular shape (other than a blob of milk foam), here are some things to look out for if the milk foam is:

-In a perfect circle: Your life is in perfect balance. Everything is working out for your higher purpose.
-Has jagged edges: You’re going through a rough spot. The future is unclear.
-Small: Narrow-mindedness is blocking you from your goal.
-Too large: You’re letting your problems get the best of you. It’s not that deep!
-Thin: You’re feeling stressed due to financial loss.
-Thick: Money is coming your way.
-Has a high peak: You are reaching your goals soon, feeling very accomplished.
-Has an indentation in the middle: Look into your heart to find the source of your problem and the solution.
-Has little droplets next to it: Ask your loved ones to help you. Or give support to your loved ones.
-Mixed in with your espresso: Love is coming your way.
-Near the edge of your cup: Your problems will be solved soon.

For any shapes that you see, like a heart or a triangle, for example, consult a dream dictionary.

Step 7

Sip and meditate on both your question and answer.

For a Dash of Magic…

-Add a sprinkle of cinnamon (psychic boost) or nutmeg (psychic vision) to help strengthen your intuition and make the changes to your foam a little more obvious—especially if you’re reading for the first time.
-For best results, perform this ritual during the new moon, as it is optimal for performing divination practices.
-For best results, perform this ritual on a Monday, as it is ruled by the moon and associated with divination and spirituality.

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