Body stuff is so complicated, but does it have to be? Let’s not downplay how heavy body shame can be for most of us. If you happen to not know what body shame feels like, let me elaborate (also please tell us your secret). You feel like you’re not _____ enough, _____ enough, and the shape of your ______ stresses you out. If you just filled in the blanks while reading, you get the idea. The source of this shame could be from within, from others, or, unfortunately, both. And, let’s be honest, in an age full of face and body filters, The Kardashian Effect, and endless serums promising miracles, it’s hard to escape.

Body Positivity from All Butts are Good Butts

Body positivity or body acceptance?

You’ve likely also heard of Body Positivity. This concept has been gaining popularity for several years online, in advertising campaigns, and even in the fitness world. Body Positivity is a social movement that is focused on accepting what you’ve got and rejecting current beauty standards. This all sounds great but there has also been push-back due to some people feeling like this reeks of #positivevibesonly or can be perceived as toxic positivity. It’s complicated.

All this being said, the acceptance piece is what I want to focus on. Whether you prefer body positivity or body acceptance, in my brain, the focus is on embracing yourself. Flaws and all. No one is perfect and as obvious as this statement is, we need constant reminders. Bodies are different from head to toe and that’s ok.

Let’s talk butts

I love drawing butts. I think tushies are silly, interesting, unique, and bold. Very bold. I’m an Illustrator and much of my work revolves around the study of cheeks. Through the process of drawing other people’s bodies, I’ve gained so much perspective on how hard we all are on ourselves. I’m no stranger to looking in the mirror and feeling depleted or anxious. I compare myself to others. I have had my fair share of bodily grievances. But through connecting with others through booty portraits, I see how fascinating and amazing bodies truly are. I hear stories of pain and triumph. We commiserate over our struggles with appearance. Our collective vulnerability helps us grow.

Heinies have it all

Aside from the profound respect I have for the thankless and harrowing job they do, keisters are the OG jokesters. They can make me laugh my ass off, pun intended! Funny farts, wedgies from hell, and that playful little booty shake when you dance are priceless. Their goofy humbleness serves as a reminder to take it all in stride.

Let me also point out that your derrière has needs. Take a moment to ponder: what more could I be doing to keep my caboose happy? Maybe cool it on the 7 cups of coffee each day, pick up some breathable cotton undies, and run yourself a soothing Epsom salt bath. It could do wonders for you and your bum.

Once you’ve given yourself some TLC, consider what it might be like to…dare I say…celebrate your tuckus. That’s right; a little praise never hurt anybody! Here are a few ideas to jump-start your butt-loving lifestyle:

  • Whisper ‘thank you for your service’ when you’re having a bathroom break (maybe not in a public bathroom but that’s your call)
  • Check in with your body to see if you’ve been holding in a fart. If you’ve got one on the docket, release it as soon as you can. Friends don’t let friends hold in gas.
  • How are your pants fitting these days? It could be time to get fitted with something extra comfy and cozy specifically for your tuckus.
  • Review your toilet paper choices. If it tears when you wipe or causes chaffing, I implore you to go all-in on a TP upgrade. Your butthole will thank you.

Your body is positively you

In all seriousness, life is too short to be at odds with ourselves. Turning off all negative chatter isn’t really realistic but we can try. The leading research on positive thinking tells us that incorporating it into our lives has a positive impact. We shouldn’t pretend to not have negative thoughts, but we can acknowledge how we feel and attempt to see ourselves in a new, brighter light.

In my new book, All Butts are Good Butts , I cover topics like these as well as otherworldly as*strology, cheeky trivia, cute animal buns, and much more! Each section is loaded with my lighthearted illustrations making this book a real conversation starter (did someone say, coffee table/bathroom book?!).