If you have kids, you’re probably wondering right now how you managed to keep them entertained all day. Due to COVID-19 concerns and social distancing keeping many children out of the classroom and parents out of the office, the time you’re spending together as a family is likely at an all-time high. If you’re struggling to find enjoyable and productive social distancing activities for kids, we have your back.

There are too many things to stress about as it is, and keeping your family entertained during this time shouldn’t add to the list. So check out some of these free activities from Ulysses Press books to help your children relax, learn, and keep occupied. The downloads here are printable, but there are even more activities in the books themselves!


Social Distancing Activities for Kids in Pre-K

Cars Trucks Trains Planes Cover

The Cars, Trucks, Trains, and Planes Pre-K Workbook

We all know toddlers have boundless energy some days, and it can be hard to keep them occupied while everyone is at home 24 hours a day. Help keep your toddler both entertained and focused with activities from the upcoming The Cars, Trucks, Trains, and Planes Pre-K Workbook. Count helicopters, trace letters, and spot the different construction vehicles in this book that’s designed to provide valuable lessons in writing, math, and shapes while allowing kids to color and draw some of their very favorite machines!

Click to download some machinery-themed activities.


Activities for Elementary School-Aged Kids

social distancing activities letter tracing for kids

A is for America Letter Tracing

Now that many kids no longer hopping on the bus to school everyday, learning has become an at-home—and for many, a new—experience. If your child is in the midst of learning the letters of the alphabet, help keep their education on track and their mind entertained with activities from A is for America Letter Tracing. This book is full of letter prompts that highlight America’s history while teaching your kids how to write both uppercase and lowercase letters. Help your child bring each letter to life with fun, patriotic prompts!

Click to download some patriotic letter tracing activities.


social distancing activities doodle pages

The Doodle Book

Doodling is much more than a way to pass the time. With The Doodle Book, kids can use their imagination to open up doors to new experiences, places, even worlds! Let your kid get lost in fun pages that start a doodle and encourage kids to fill in the rest. With otherworldly locations, funny scenarios, friendly animals, and more, these doodle activities are sure to inspire your children to spend hours creating their own original doodle adventures!

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math social distancing activitiesTake Me Out to the Math Game

Do you have a 4th, 5th, or 6th grader? Are they a fan of baseball? Or math? Maybe they love baseball but hate math. We may not be able to watch baseball on  tv right now, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t enjoy the game! The activities in this book–like game-day situation math problems and batting practice multiplication tables–will help your child keep up with their math education while celebrating the great American pastime!

Click to download a fun spring training activity!


Activities for Teens (or Adults!)

coloring book pages social distancing activitiesColoring Flower Mandalas

If you’re a teen or a parent of a teen, you know that this time of social distancing has been especially hard. Being unable to hang out with friends or go to school can take a toll on a teenager’s developing mental health. But with adult coloring books like Coloring Flower Mandalas, you can help reduce your teenager’s stress by coloring unique designs. Coloring is an excellent way to clear the mind, boost your relaxation, and entertain yourself for hours. Take your pick from unique flower, bird, and ocean designs to color and make the most of your social distancing.

Click to download some soothing coloring pages.


Zen doodles social distancing activities

Daily Zen Doodles

Few activities are as spiritually satisfying as the art of the meditative “tangle” drawing. A quiet moment to craft an intaglio of intricate, mandala-like drawings will inspire your kids (or you, yourself!) to lose themselves in the contemplative act of sketching beautifully repeating patterns and abstract designs.  We could all use a bit of peace and zen, and these fun doodles are perfect for older kids to help them ease their stress.

Click to download some sample zen tangles.


– Kierra Sondereker