inner child healing exercises

When you get older and officially achieve that title of “adult,” it can feel like you’re just surviving. When you factor in your responsibilities, such as work, school, maintaining relationships of all kinds, keeping up with your hobbies, and practicing self-care, it’s overwhelming! Basically, it’s hard to be a human being.

And feeling like you’re merely surviving life can come down to not treating the root of the problem: your core wounds from childhood. Gloria Zhang hosts the Inner Child Podcast, where she helps high achievers discover their true purpose after childhood trauma and master the art of safe & passionate relationships. And now she has a new book out called  A Woman’s Guide to Inner Healing, which you can read a sneak peek of in this post. So grab your copy now to rediscover your most authentic self through this book filled with inner child healing exercises, including journal prompts, worksheets, and tips!


Inner Child Healing Exercises

How to Communicate with Your Inner Child

So, how do you communicate with your inner-child?

You talk to them, duh!

The easiest way to make a connection with your inner-child is to strike up a conversation! Coming up with questions can be tricky, so here is a list of suggestions. See if you can hear or feel an answer arise when asking them.

1. Hey, it’s me! Do you remember me?

2. How are you feeling?

3. What did you do today?

4. How can I help you today?

5. Do you want anything from me?

Some folks are met with an overjoyed child who is running over, ecstatic to see them! For others, the inner-child is avoidant, silent, and anxiously hiding in the corner. As the parent to your own inner kid, you have the opportunity to respond to them the right way this time. Be as patient, loving, and kind as you would be with a real child!

Here are some ideas of things to say to help build trust:

I’ve found you now, and I’m never leaving you alone again.

I have missed you.

I commit to earning your trust that I will always stay.

I’m going to put you first from now on.

I can handle all your feelings, big or small.

I am learning how to keep you safe from harm.

I am so proud of you.

I am committing to paying attention to your needs, big or small.

I am not perfect, but I’ll always say sorry when I’m in the wrong.

Did you feel something inside you from reading this?

Sometimes connecting with your inner-child makes you want to burst into tears or scream.

This is normal.

Let yourself cry. Hold yourself, gently rocking back and forth, until you feel safe and sound again. There’s nothing to worry about now. You are home.

Spend about once a day checking in with this part of yourself, and you will surely witness the start of a beautiful relationship.


If you’re interested in learning more, including how to connect with your younger self and identify your 4 Core Wounds, make sure you snag a copy of A Woman’s Guide to Inner Healing.