Entertain yourself this 4/20 with a fun game to play while you blaze some weed and a few joints. Instead of your traditional 4/20 celebrations, Mr. Bud’s Pot Smoking Games will make sure you have a wonderful time with your friends. Gather up and let’s play some board and card games all night long!



I bet when you learned to play Rummy at your granddad’s knee, you never imagined that one day you’d be playing a tweaked-out version that gets you blazed. Well, my friend, that day has come! Get out your deck of cards and see if Gramps is interested in some holistic treatment for his glaucoma.

Object of the game

  • Get rid of all your cards.
  • Be the first to earn 420 points.
  • Smoke a bunch of weed.

What you will need

  • A deck of cards
  • 2 to 6 players
  • A piece of paper to keep score on

How to play

What’s the deal?

  1. The youngest person deals first. Starting with the player to their left, they give 1 card at a time to each player until everyone has 6 cards unless there are only 2 players, then each player gets 10 cards.
  2. After everyone has their cards, one card is dealt face up to start the “Trash Heap” and the rest of the stack is left as the “Stash Pile.” The player to the left of the dealer goes first.

Picking up

  1. You start a turn by taking from either the Trash Heap or the top face- down card on the Stash Pile. You can pick up as many cards as you want from the Trash Heap as long as you:
  2. Use the very bottom card you pick up to throw down some scoring shit on that turn.
  3. Don’t discard the top card.

Throwing down

There are three different ways you can try to ditch the cards in your hand:

  1. Discarding: When you discard, you lay the card face up next to the previous card in the Trash Heap. This way all the trashed cards will be visible. You must have a card to discard to end your hand, and that card cannot be the top card from the Trash Heap if you were a garbage picker on that turn.
  2. Melting: You’ve got some scoring cards, such as Three of a Kind, Four of a Kind, or a “Piece of Straight,” which is 3 sequential cards of the same suit. Throw that shit down in front of you!

Note: Aces are as low as they go in this game, so a Piece of Straight can start with an ace and proceed to a two or it can end with a king, but it can’t go queen, king, ace.

  1. Leeching: If someone has thrown down a melt and you’ve got a card that can leech off their success, lay that sucker out. For instance, someone put down 3 threes and you’ve got the other three—that’s a leech. Some other player put down four, five, six of spades, and you’ve got the seven of spades? Leech, baby!


When you shotgun smoke you are basically are blowing smoke into another person’s mouth. You can do this a few ways:

  1. The Easy Way

You take a hit, make tunnel with your hand, and blow the smoke through your hand tunnel into another person’s mouth. If you like this person, and I mean like-like, you can blow it straight from mouth to mouth with no hand tunnel.

  1. The Exciting Way

This is not for the faint of heart or the clumsy. When a blunt, joint, or spliff is burned about halfway to three-quarters of the way down, you take a small hit off it, turn it around, and place the lit end (the burning hot cherry) into your mouth. Don’t burn your tongue. Obviously. Now hold the blunt/joint/spliff in place with your lips, basically the same way you’d hold it in your lips even if the burning ember wasn’t now literally inside your head.

Another person now stands in front of you with their mouth open, real close, to the unlit end of the blunt/joint/spliff that’s sticking out of your mouth. You blow, and the smoke will shotgun out like crazy into the other person’s mouth. Everyone coughs and gets off. You can use the hand tunnel thing from “The Easy Way” if you want, but it’s not necessary.

  1. The Bong Way

If the bong you’re using has a slide bowl that can be pulled fully out of the bong, then you can do things the “Bong Way.” Person A fills the chamber of the bong up with smoke the regular way one smokes a bong. Get that shit nice and milky. Then person B comes along and puts their mouth where one normally does on a bong. Now person A removes the slide bowl from the bong and blows into the bong, forcing all the smoke in the chamber into person B’s lungs. Person A can even include the hit they got when they were filling the chamber if they have the lung capacity for it.

I’m out!

A player goes out when they have no cards left, duh. This happens after a melt or leech is laid down, leaving the player with just one card in their hand, which they throw down on the discard pile and yell, “I’m out!”


Once some lucky bastard goes out, everyone adds up their score. Each player gets the points for the scoring cards they laid down, but the player who went out gets the points from all the cards left in all the other players’ hands.

  1. Face cards, i.e., kings, queens, and jacks, are worth 10 points each.
  2. Aces are worth 1 measly point.
  3. Number cards are worth their number, so a five is worth 5 points, and… do I really need to explain this any more?
  4. Fours and twos double the points for the melt they’re in. So if you laid down 3 fours, that’s 12 points for the melt and then you double that and get 24 points. Rock! If you threw down a two to leech onto someone else’s melt, you just get the value of the leech doubled, which is 4 points in this example.
  5. Once you know your score, the scorekeeper jots it down.

Did I win!?

If you have the most points for a hand, you win the hand! But you only win the game if you are the first player to score 420 points.

So when do I smoke!?

Excellent question! There are two ways you smoke through this game:

Version #1 Gung-Ho Gummy

  1. Every time you melt, you take a hit. Every time you leech, the person you are leeching off gives you a shotgun.
  2. Whoever wins the hand gets a hit for every 50 points they scored. So if you earned 125 points, you get two hits.
  3. Whoever wins the game wins a whole bowl-pack, bong-load, or spliff to their head. You can share if you’re magnanimous. Or you can mock the losers. Either way.

Version #2 Gummy Regs

  1. Whoever wins the hand gets a hit.
  2. Whoever wins the game wins a whole bowl-pack, bong-load, or spliff to their head.