Aeppol’s art captures the essence of a moment’s repose for weary souls, weaving the beauty of nameless wildflowers, the ever-changing sky with the seasons, and fluffy clouds into the tapestry of nature’s subtle transformations. These observations find their way onto Aeppol’s sketchpad, where each stroke brings forth happiness. Aeppol’s work aspires to encapsulate not just the whimsy of fairytales and imagination, but also the fluid emotions dictated by the weather, all set against the backdrop of evocative landscapes.

Under the theme “Aeppol’s Forest Girl’s Diary,” Aeppol has published essays titled “I’ll Be Your Forest,” “To You, Who Resemble the Forest,” and “I Chose Happiness,” which, alongside four coloring books, have garnered immense affection and achieved best seller status in the art category.

Titles by Aeppol

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