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Gifty Grabs
Who are you ... really?!
Kourtney Jason
(a poetry book)
Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo

Spark Curious Chats During Dinner Time, Date Night or Any Moment
Robin Westen
An Unconventional Exploration of Manhattan's Historic Neighborhoods, Secret Spots and Colorful Characters
Greg Young and Tom Meyers

Saying Sorry with Adorable Pugs
Editors of Ulysses Press
A Children's Book Parody for Adults Exploring the World of Wine
Reese Ling

Philosophy According to Dogs
Andrew Darlow
108 Mindfulness Lessons for Surviving Test Stress, Freshman 15, Friend Drama, Insane Roommates, Awkward Dates, Late Nights, Morning Lectures...
Victor M. Parachin

Pick Your Plot, Meet Your Man, and Create the Holiday Love Story of a Lifetime
Riane Konc
101 Fun, Unforgettable and Maybe Even Life-Changing Things To Do Before Graduation Day
Kourtney Jason and Darcy Pedersen

20 Hand-Drawn Designs for Mindful Relaxation
Wendy Piersall
20 Hangable Prints for Book Nerds
Liz Emirzian

Melanie Martinez
20 Hand-Drawn Cards to Tear, Color and Share
Bethany Robertson

200 Ways to Say it with Kitties
Ulysses Press
A Mother's Journal of Memories, Wishes and Wisdom
Dionna Ford

20 Hand-Drawn Cards to Tear, Color and Share with Your Favorite Ladies
Eva Marie Taylor
Considerate Coupons for Couples
Meera Lee Patel

All the Advice I Wish I Got Before Having a Baby
Keith Riegert and Samuel Kaplan
All the Advice I Wish I Got Before Going to College
Keith Riegert, Sam Kaplan and Emily Fromm (illustrator)

Badass Games, Throwing Tips, Fighting Moves, Outdoor Skills and Other Manly Stuff
Mike Yarbrough
500 of the Best Worst Jokes That Get a Side-splitting Laugh (or at Least an Eye-rolling Groan)
Harry Hilton

Need-to-Know Stuff for Stylish Living
Jessica Probus and Alice Mongkongllite
An Interactive Poetry Journal from the Author of I Wrote This For You
Iain Sinclair Thomas

Test Your Knowledge of Shark Types, Behaviors, Attacks, Legends and Other Trivia
Karen Chu
Discover the Magic of Friendship, Family, Courage, and Love in Your Life
Jill Kolongowski

Doodle Postcards
Aja Wells

A Guided Journal to Gauge How Much You've Changed Since Childhood
David Nadelberg
Doodle Postcards
Aja Wells

Doodle Postcards
Aja Wells
Doodle Postcards
Aja Wells

Record All the Repairs, Upgrades and Home Improvements During Your Years at...
Laura Agadoni
A Parody for Your Twenties
Joshua Miller, Patrick Casey and Gemma Correll

For Those Who've Crossed the Line
Shinebox Print
Haunting Encounters Told by Real People
Tony Brueski and Jenny Brueski

Passive Aggressive Cards
Editors of Ulysses Press
And Other Tearout Apologies for Your Awkward Screwups
Hollan Publishing

Redeem to Make Any Day Father's Day
Redeem to Make Any Day Mother's Day

Everyday Gratitude from Dogs
Mark Rogers
A Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming a Cannabutter Master
Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey

60 Habit-Forming Programs to Live an Infinitely Better Life
Rosanna Casper
Raise a Thankful Child with 52 Fun Activities and Crafts for Every Season
Joanna Grzeszcak

An Internet Fairytale of Fame, Fortune and Followers
Kate Kennedy and Torie Conn
1,001+ Punny Jokes Your Pops Will Love Telling Over and Over and Over...
Gordon Hideaki Nagai

Fudgy the Poopman’s Collection of Christmas Classics Made Crappy
Bonnie Miller

100 Cards to Design Practices and Classes that Flow
Jillian Bobowicz
Cards to Break the Ice
Meera Lee Patel