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Very Short Stories
300 Bite-Size Works of Fiction
By Sean Hill
Creative Fiction That Fits On A Post-It But Can Move Readers With Powerful Tales Of Love, Life, Death, And Everyday Life

A child who sets fires in hopes of meeting his firefighter father. A lonely woman, heading home from another bad blind date, who asks her cabbie out for a drink. The compelling stories in this one-of-a-kind collection are never longer than 140 characters but pack the emotional punch and storytelling genius of lengthy works of fiction. Celebrating brevity, precision, and the art of subtle communication, author Sean Hill has crafted hundreds of engaging, evocative stories that conjure an entire novel in a sentence or two. Starting as an experiment on the author’s Twitter feed, Hill’s inspired storytelling quickly attracted tens of thousands of followers. Now he has compiled the best of the best of these sometimes sad, often humorous, and always clever tales in this stunning collection.

Dec 2011
$14.95 US
Trade Paper
5 x 7 7/8
216 pages
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