Cults: A True Crime Collection

Cults: A True Crime Collection

By Wendy Biddlecombe Agsar

Discover the truth of what happens when true believers go too far with the shocking stories of the world’s most known and horrific cults like The Order of the Solar Temple and the NXIVM Cult.


Cults have been around for centuries, and many have been dubbed as satanic and murderous due to their heinous crimes. In Cults: A True Crime Collection, you will get to study the most notorious ones and what they did to achieve that notoriety. Get to know the story behind the scariest cults in history, including:


  • Charles Manson and the Manson Family
  • Heaven’s Gate and their mass suicide attempts
  • Blood-consuming cults like the Vampire Clan
  • Jim Jones and the Jonestown Massacre
  • The People’s Temple and their cyanide-laced drinks
  • And more!


From gruesome suicides to clan murders, Cults: A True Crime Collection will tell you the real story behind the crimes and the leaders who orchestrated them. This book also studies the rise and fall of said clans and what led them to commit such terrible crimes like mass murders and human sacrifices.

Author Wendy Joan Biddlecombe Agsar

Wendy Biddlecombe Agsar

Wendy Biddlecombe Agsar is an editor, writer, and former newspaper crime reporter. She lives in Leipzig, Germany, with her family.

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Released: March 2024
Price: $16.95

ISBN-10: 164604620X
ISBN-13: 9781646046201

5.5 x 8.5
248 pages

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