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The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes
1,001+ Punny Jokes Your Pops Will Love Telling Over and Over and Over...
By Gordon Hideaki Nagai

A massive collection of laughable, cheesy jokes perfect for amusing dads while slightly embarrassing the kids
As groan-inducing as they are hilarious, dad jokes are the corny one-liners and oh-so-clever puns moms and kids consider slightly amusing and dads somehow find rolling-in-the-aisles hilarious. Now, with The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes, no father will ever lack new material to make his kids facepalm. Drawing on the lighthearted humor of wordplay and surprise, these 1001 family-friendly jokes are appropriate to share anytime, anywhere. Including such winners as “What did one ocean say to the other ocean? Nothing, it just waved;” “If you survey a group of cartographers, they’ll end up all over the map;” and “How do you know Olympic divers are introverts? None of them ever make a splash,” these jokes will brighten anyone’s day. Kid tested and approved, this gigantic collection is the perfect Father’s Day gift or any wordsmiths, pun-lovers, and young comedians as well.

Apr 2016
Trade Paper
5 x 8
208 pages
Gifty Grabs
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