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The Three Little Pig Teach Growth Mindset
Hands-On Activities and Open-Ended Questions For Developing Grit, Adaptability and Creative Thinking In K-5 Classrooms
By Will Hussey

Help your students develop a growth mindset with these ready-to-use classroom activities.

We all know that a growth mindset is a primary factor in students’ success. But it isn’t always easy to take kids all the way–they need to be active participants in developing their own mindsets. The Three Little Pigs Teach Growth Mindset is chock full of classroom discussion questions and activities to help students engage in the process of developing a positive mindset. By using a familiar story and characters, this book offers a comfortable and clear way for kids to explore, discuss and understand the importance of their own mindset.

Apr 2019
Trade Paper
8.5 x 5.5
192 pages
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