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The Most Important 60 Days of Your Pregnancy
Prevent Your Child from Developing Diabetes and Obesity Later in Life
By Dr. Pierre Dukan

Every mother knows to avoid alcohol and tobacco because of the negative effects on their unborn child’s development. New research shows the same holds true for unhealthy foods, especially during the fourth and fifth months of pregnancy when the baby’s organs are developing in the womb.

This groundbreaking health book provides detailed new insights into optimizing development of the organs of one’s unborn baby through proper nutrition. If the child’s organs (mostly the pancreas) develop in an optimal way, the baby has a much lower chance of becoming obese or diabetic later in life.

Author Dr. Dukan, a famous French medical doctor, ask mothers-to-be to avoid 36 high-processed or otherwise unhealthy foods during the 4th and 5th months of the pregnancy. He then demonstrates how this simple measure could reverse the obesity epidemic.

Sept 2017
Trade Paper
5.5 X 8.5
256 pages
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