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The Happy Empath’s Workbook
Hands-On Activities, Worksheets, and Strategies for Creating a Joyous and Full Life
By Stephanie Jameson

An interactive workbook to help empaths understand, reflect, and harness their unique powers.

Empaths are people who are highly sensitive to the emotions and energy of people around them, making it a challenge to navigate in a hectic and emotional world. Whether it is to help others, curb social anxiety, or just get through the day, the strategies and exercises in this interactive workbook will help empaths everywhere understand how this intuitive gift works and how to embrace it.
This book is filled with engaging and thought-provoking activities that will help empaths work towards a variety of life-changing accomplishments including disengaging from negative people and situations, discovering inner emotional balance, promoting positive energy and much more.

Nov 2018
Trade Paper
9.25 x 7.5
144 pages
Personal Growth
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