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The Gestational Diabetes Cookbook
101 Delicious, Dietitian-Approved Recipes for a Healthy Pregnancy and Baby Violator: Enjoy Nutrient-Rich Meals and Control Your Blood Sugar
By Sara Monk Rivera

A go-to collection of easy and tasty recipes specifically-designed to manage blood sugar, maintain a nutritionally complete diet, AND keep mom and baby healthy
Gestational diabetes occurs when a pregnant woman’s blood sugar levels are elevated because not enough insulin, the hormone that reduces blood sugar levels, is produced. This poses a major risk for mother and baby. Babies of mothers who had uncontrolled blood sugar levels during pregnancy are at a greater risk for developing diabetes and obesity themselves.
While it is one of the most dreaded conditions of pregnancy, fortunately the proper nutrition and lifestyle modifications detailed in this book can help prevent or manage gestational diabetes. And the 100 delicious recipes make it easy to follow the program.

Jan 2019
Trade Paper
9 x 6
208 pages
Special Diets
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