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Seriously Sick Jokes
The Most Disgusting, Filthy, Offensive Jokes from the Vile, Obscene, Disturbed Minds of
By Rob Manuel

Without a single suitable joke to tell one’s mother (or any semi-respectable person, for that matter), Seriously Sick Jokes is a lewd, crude and absolutely filthy collection that will have readers cringing between bouts of uncontrollable laughter. This outrageous book represents the creme de la creme of the millions of user-submitted jokes from

The extensive collection touches on every off-limits topic from Helen Keller to Hitler, dead babies to pedophiles, and dead celebrities to the disabled. Consider: Who’s black and sits at the top of the stairs? Stephen Hawking after a house fire.

While this downright vulgar collection won’t be winning any literary awards, it proudly claims some of the planet’s nastiest side-splitters.

Jul 2009
$10.95 US
Trade Paper
144 pages
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