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Savory Bites From Your Cake Pop Maker
75 Fun Snacks, Adorable Appetizers and Delicious Entrees
By Heather Torrone

Make hearty, handheld pops packed with meats, cheese and veggies in this creative twist on a wildly popular baking trend

You’ve got to love cake pops—the fun, pop-in-the-mouth, on-a-stick treats. This book takes the cake pop idea to a place it’s never been baked before. Detailed recipes show you how to put the cake pop appliance to imaginative new uses to create salty, tangy, spicy, mouthwatering treats—not just desserts!

The petite snacks in Savory Bites are packed with explosive flavors so you can impress guests, charm kids and make eating fun.

75 savory pop recipes offer a wide variety of delicious meal combinations, including:

  • Banana bread bites for breakfast
  • Pizza pops for lunch
  • Nibbly quesadillas for a snack
  • Chicken cordon bleu morsels for dinner
  • They can also be made in only four minutes, thanks to the innovative cake pop maker (rapidly becoming a staple cooking appliance in most homes). With over 30 color photos, this book is your perfect guide for transforming monotonous meals into show-stopping, pop-in-the-mouth sensations.

    May 2013
    Trade Paper
    6 1/2 x 9
    144 pages
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