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Project Based Learning Made Simple
101 Classroom-Ready Activities that Inspires Curiosity, Problem Solving and Self-Guided Discovery for Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade Student
By April Smith

Quickly and Easily Go from Idea to Activity to Discover with these Ready-to-Use Projects
Project Based Learning is a fun and engaging way to challenge and inspire your students. But it can be hard to find the time in your busy schedule to formulate and prepare for the project. This book solves that dilemma. Packed with over one hundred projects and everything needed to implement them, it take all the messy planning out of the equation. With this helpful handbook, you can jump right in to hands-on learning with your students!
It’s never been easier to bring the benefits of PBL into your classroom. PBL helps prepare your students for solving real-world problems while fostering a style of learning that will stay with them long after they leave school. From science to reading, this book offers ready-to-go projects on a variety of different topics that are fun, inspirational, and challenging.

Jun 2018
Trade Paper
9 x 6
224 pages
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