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Prepper’s Total Grid Failure Handbook
Alternative Power, Energy Storage, Low Voltage Appliances and Other Lifesaving Strategies for Self-Sufficient Living
By Alan Fiebig and Arlene Fiebig

The ultimate guide to creating, storing and utilizing lifesaving power in the most critical circumstances

Batteries don’t last forever. To successfully survive a long-term disaster, you’ll need self-reliant, renewable electricity. This book teaches you how to:

Create Your Own Power
•Choose cost-efficient solar panels
•Incorporate a micro-hydro system
•Harness the wind with turbines

Manage Energy Storage
•Select durable battery banks
•Rewire for energy efficiency
•Control energy consumption

Live Comfortably on Less
•Install a high-efficiency refrigerator and LEDs
•Use a human-powered washing machine
•Charge laptops and cell phones

Written in an approachable, easy-to-understand style, Prepper’s Total Grid Failure Handbook provides everything you need to survive long-term without grid power.

Apr 2017
Trade Paper
6 x 9
224 pages
Survival Skills
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