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Picture Cook
See. Make. Eat.
By Katie Shelly

A fresh and original cookbook with artistically illustrated recipes that are as fast to learn and easy to follow as they are delicious
Dispensing with lengthy directions, Picture Cook distills 50 homey recipes into their most basic components and renders them step by step in enchanting line drawings like nothing ever seen in a cookbook. Perfect for visual learners, novice chefs, and design aficionados, these whimsical recipe blueprints provide quick and simple guidance for making classic dishes every cook should have in their repertoire. Cooking is a nonverbal activity that many people best understand visually. It is with this notion that artist Katie Shelly began rendering her recipes entirely in image form and created Picture Cook. Her collection of friend-tested dishes like fresh pesto, carrot soup, eggplant Parmesan, and sweet potato fries will become readers’ go-to recipes for quick weeknight meals and dinner parties alike. Including a visual inventory of basic kitchen equipment and pantry staples, a tutorial on knife skills, and an illustrated (of course) index, Picture Cook makes the perfect gift for budding chefs, college students, or any home cook in need of some visual inspiration.

Oct 2013
7 x 8
128 pages
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