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Paleo Fitness
A Nutrition and Training Program for Athletes on the Caveman Diet
By Darryl Edwards, Brett Stewart and Jason Warner

Lose weight, strengthen muscles and get healthy with exercises evolved from natural human movements

The paleo diet is a hugely popular trend, but to benefit from the healthy, fit hunter-gatherer lifestyle, it’s necessary not only to eat like an early human but to exercise like one as well. Paleo Fitness offers a program of back-to-the-Stone-Age exercises with plyometric and specially designed weight workouts that fight disease, burn fat and increase energy. Not only does it contain strength and endurance exercises that would have been an everyday part of an early human’s life—like sprinting up steep hills and lifting heavy stones—but it also has gym-based versions of all its workout routines so you can challenge yourself no matter where you live.

Paleo Fitness
also features assessment trials so you can test your personal fitness and a training log to enhance your motivation, as well as vital details on healthy Paleolithic foods that maximize energy levels for the intense workout routines. By following this challenging and efficient program, you’ll be ready to battle mammoths in no time.

Mar 2013
Trade Paper
7 1/2 x 9 1/4
144 pages
Working Out
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