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Oh, the Places You’ll Eff Up
A Parody for Your Twenties
By Joshua Miller, Patrick Casey and Gemma Correll

A hilarious graduation keepsake that gleefully exposes the not-always-awesome realities of starting out in the adult world
Oh, what wonderful, happy adventures lie ahead for new graduates. Or so those beloved childhood picture books would have one believe. Of course, reality is something very different. A hilarious parody of numerous children’s books, Oh, the Places You’ll Eff Up pokes fun at the rosy picture painted in those classics as it provides new graduates with a cathartic laugh at surviving their twenties.
The episodic chapters cover everything from endless internships, looming student loans, and judgmental parents to overachieving friends, craigslist roommates, and online-dating disasters. “Harold and the Pink Slip” reveals that a college education, a go-getter attitude, and hard work mean nothing in a world of downsizing giants and brown-nosing dragons. “Are You My Girlfriend?” explores the awkward situation when one’s “girlfriend” talks about her “friend” Brian for hours on end. While “The Chronicles of Hernia” follows the increasingly angry string of e-mails sent to human resources in a desperate attempt to get enrolled in the company health plan while enduring months of gut-wrenching pain.
This ultimate graduation present is sure to bring a nervous smile to the face of any young adult about to face the wide world.

Apr 2014
Trade Cloth
6 1/4 x 8 3/4
32 pages
Gifty Grabs
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