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Mommy Mixology
A Cocktail for Every Calamity
By Janet Frongillo

An adorably hilarious gift book that will charm and delight anyone raising a terrible toddler

Flawless sitcom housewives like June Cleaver and Carol Brady made mothering look like constant joy, but in reality it is often hair-pulling, jaw-clenching, migraine-inducing anguish. For those moments, Mom needs a shoulder to cry on, a friend to vent to, or, even better, a stiff drink. Did Billy need stitches after a wrong-way slip down the slide? This book’s first aid for Mom — an EmERgentini, the classic painkiller made with two olives on the end of a thermometer stir stick. Is Sally still insisting the toilet is a monster? Mommy Mixology’s suggestion is the Cosmopotty, an escape to those Sex and the City days when Mom bought high heels instead of Pull-Ups. Has Mary learned her new favorite word – NO! – and repeated it 356 times today? Then say YES to the NO!jito, a can’t-fail, can’t-spill refreshing mint cocktail served in a sippy cup. Regardless of whether a mom stays home with the kids or picks them up for her “second shift,” she will love having this cute and clever handbook close at hand — probably right on the coffee table (well, maybe the bar top, far above the reach of small hands).

Jun 2012
Trade Paper
166 pages
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