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Heal Your Gut with Bone Broth
The Natural Way to get Minerals, Amino Acids, Gelatin and Other Vital Nutrients to Fix Your Digestion
By Robin Westen

A program to balance digestive health in seven days using traditional quick-and-easy bone broth remedies
Your stomach and intestinal tract house a vast ecosystem of bacteria, vital to processing food but easily disturbed by bad diet or stress. Using this book, you will learn how bone broth restores mineral and nutrient levels to create a proper bacterial environment for high-functioning digestion. Combining a seven-day quick-start with a long term plan for utilizing bone broth, the author provides helpful solutions to stomach discomfort.
Bone broth offers additional benefits on top of great digestion. The minerals and nutrients such as calcium and magnesium help strengthen bones, hair, and teeth. And the gelatin rejuvenates skin, reduces cellulite, and triggers weight loss. Bone broth contains all these nutrients and more, each contributing to a healthy gut.

Dec 2015
Trade Paper
5 x 8
196 pages
Healthy Eating
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