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The Golfer’s Guide to Pilates
Step-by-Step Exercises to Strengthen Your Game
By Monica Clyde

Pilates has become the premier training choice for top golfers. Now, The Golfer’s Guide to Pilates offers an affordable and convenient way for all golfers to gain the benefits of this popular conditioning method.

The book’s player-tested program develops the essential building blocks of golf fitness — precise and powerful movements. Breaking down the physiology involved in golf mechanics, the author explains why endless practice swings and conventional strength training often fail to result in lower scores, while Pilate’s unique combination of strength, flexibility, balance, and mental focus work together perfectly to maximize one’s swing.

A true step-by-step guide with a single goal in mind — lowering one’s scores — The Golfer’s Guide to Pilates teaches exercises that directly address and improve the player’s abilities in every aspect of the game.

May 2006
$14.95 US
Trade Paper
144 pages
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