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Fear of Flying Workbook
Overcome Your Anticipatory Anxiety and Develop Skills for Flying with Confidence
By David Carbonell Ph.D.

Suffering from aviophobia, the fear of flying, doesn’t have to mean a life stuck on the ground. With the proven anti-anxiety techniques taught in this helpful guide, even those who have avoided airplanes for years can learn to take flight. Readers will come to understand why fear is natural, but not an uncontrollable sign of danger. Entertaining yet educational self-evaluations, quizzes, and worksheets will help readers understand and respond to their fear. Whether they’re fighting extreme claustrophobia, the anticipatory anxiety of sitting on a plane for hours, or a fear of crashing, this book provides powerful clinical methods for addressing negative feelings and coasting calmly through a flight.

Nov 2017
Trade Paper
7.5 X 9.25
Personal Growth
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