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F*ck You, I’m Italian
Why We Italians Are Awesome
By Tony DiGerolamo

An entertaining, page-turning overview of Italian-American history and culture
Packed full of fascinating stories, quirky facts, and lesser-known tales from Rome to Ellis Island, this giftable book is perfect for any Italian in your life. This tongue-in-cheek book celebrates what makes being Italian the best: art, family, tradition, celebrities and–Madonn, the food!
Did you know that Italians invented things like cement, the jacuzzi, and the nuclear reactor? No? Oh! Time to crack open this book and educate yourself on famous Italian inventors, Italian celebrities like Lady Gaga and Alan Alda, and how pizza originally had no sauce! You’ll even learn how to make quintessential Italian food with quick, easy, and delicious recipes.

Mar 2018
6.5 x 4.87
128 pages
Foreign Language
Pop Culture
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