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Don’t Quit Your Day Dream
20 Hand-Drawn Cards to Tear, Color and Share
By Bethany Robertson

Ready-to-color cards presenting cute and clever messages along with stylish and whimsical artwork
There’s nothing so heartwarming as receiving a thoughtful card from a lover, friend or family member. But the moment is even more memorable when the card has a personalized touch. Don’t Quit Your Day Dream serves up a wonderful collection of cards that are appropriate for any occasion (or no occasion) with the unique twist of being intentionally left unfinished. Each card presents its design as an open black-and-white line drawing set on a matte cardstock—perfect for adding anything from color pencil and pen to watercolor and guache. From Brooklyn-based artist, Bethany Robertson, these cards have a fresh and modern look with playful messages like “You Are the Pineapple of My Eye” as well as heartwarming notes like “Hello Sunshine” and “You Make Me a Happy Camper.” With Don’t Quit Your Day Dream, readers can create their own meaningful piece of art to send off into the world or hang on their own wall for inspiration.

Jul 2015
Trade Paper
5 x 8
40 pages
Gifty Grabs
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