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Cults that Kill
Shocking True Stories of Horror from Psychopathic Leaders, Doomsday Prophets, and Brainwashed Followers to Human Sacrifices, Mass Suicides and Grisly Murders
By Wendy Joan Biddlecombe Agsar

What happens when true believers go too far?

An investigative look into the world’s deadliest cults and their pathological leaders, including the Manson Family, Peoples Temple, Ant Hill Kids, Heaven’s Gate, Branch Davidians, Order of the Solar Temple, Aum Shrinrikyo, Rod Ferrell and the Vampire Cult Killings, Santa Muerte Cult, and more.

There are thousands of cults around the world active today. Groups of people have joined together for an ideological cause, such as religion, politics, or self-improvement, and are controlled by a charismatic and totalitarian leader. And though on the surface this leader might express his or her goals of living in a better world, they are driven by money, sex, power, or a combination of those three things. Not all cults are destructive, but mass suicides and murders are all too often the result…as shown by the accounts in this book.

Dec 2018
Trade Paper
8.5 x 5.5
328 pages
True Crime
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