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Classroom-Ready Number Talks for Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade Teachers
300 Interactive Math Activities that Promote Conceptual Understanding and Computational Fluency
By Nancy Hughes

A huge collection of ready-to-use number talks that make math concepts easier for students to learn

Number talks are pretty simple. The teacher and students begin class by doing a 5 to 15 minute math problem together verbally instead of on paper. That’s it. And yet that simple learning tool has proven incredibly powerful. Studies show that it helps kids develop general number sense, a better understanding of how math works in the real world, and even specific mathematical concepts like fractions.

The challenge with number talks for teachers isn’t the math. It’s coming up with a new problem that can be presented to the class visually and discussed verbally. This helpful handbook offers teachers the solution. Packed with 300 math talks, it provides them with everything they need in a large format, affordably priced paperback written by teachers for teachers.

Nov 2017
Trade Paper
7.5 X 9.25
304 pages
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