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Can Holding in a Fart Kill You?
Over 150 Curious Questions and Intriguing Answers
By Andrew Thompson

More than 200 fun facts—from baffling and bizarre to entertaining and enlightening
This curious, captivating collection of trivia will surprise and intrigue readers with amazing answers to questions like: Why don’t sleeping birds fall from trees? Does the full moon make people crazy? Why is the ocean salty? Do fish ever sleep? The follow-up to the bestselling What Did We Use Before Toilet Paper?Can Holding in a Fart Kill You? has even more fun and fascinating trivia. Perfect for the ever-curious trivia lover, this book is the ultimate in truly extraordinary information. From silly to serious to outright bizarre, this expansive collection offers surprising answers and unexpected facts on everything from history and science to pop culture and nature. From the everyday to the fantastical — it’s all here.

Jun 2015
Trade Paper
5 x 7 7/8
280 pages
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