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A Rainbow of Smoothie Bowls
100 Wholesome and Vibrant Blended Creations
By Leigh Weingus

Discover the coolest new trend for healthy eating based on the delicious açaí bowl of Brazil and Hawaii

Featuring over 100 amazing creations and more than 40 gorgeous full-color photos, A Rainbow of Smoothie Bowls serves up flavorful treats that are as nutritious as they are beautiful. Follow the recipes in this book to combine colorful fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds into delicious bowls, including:

• Strawberry Lemonade Bowl
• Nutty Avocado Raspberry Bowl
• Very Berry Mango Bowl
• Peach Cobbler Bowl
• Apple Pie Bowl
• Mint Chocolate Chip Bowl
• Matcha Vanilla Bowl
• Blueberry Watermelon Kiwi Bowl

Oct 2016
Trade Paper
6 1/2 x 9
128 pages
Healthy Eating
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