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A Rainbow of Smoothie Bowls
100 Wholesome and Vibrant Blended Creations
By Leigh Weingus

Discover the coolest new trend for healthy eating based on the delicious açaí bowl of Brazil and Hawaii
Offering you a more nourishing alternative to greasy fast food and microwavable biscuits, this book’s 100 quick-and-easy recipes provide a wide array of beautiful and convenient creations. There are colorful photos and step-by-step instructions for preparing fresh and whole food packed smoothie bowls from easy-to-find ingredients, including fruit like açaí, dairy like Greek yogurt, and greens like kale. For extra flare, A Rainbow of Smoothie Bowls shows how best to top your bowl with oats, berries, coconut shavings or even chocolate flakes. The world of smoothie bowl creations is endless! A Rainbow of Smoothie Bowls offers the easiest way to whip up grab-and-go recipes like Matcha Vanilla Bowl, Butternut Squash Raspberry Bowl, Peanut Butter Maple Bowl, and more.

Oct 2016
Trade Paper
6 1/2 x 9
128 pages
Healthy Eating
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