A Zombie's History of the United States

A Zombie’s History of the United States

By Worm Miller

Read the shocking exposé revealing how zombies helped create America but were later victimized and eventually demonized by the “land of the free”


After years of stealthy research in the vaults of the CIA and the FBI, the author of this eye-opening book provides disturbing proof that centuries of systematic suppression by Democrats and Republicans alike have kept secret the darkest truth of America’s past. Now someone has finally brought to light the 500-year history of America’s most invisible minority. From indigenous cave paintings of the walking dead to the fossilized remains of chewed-open skulls, the archaeological record shows that zombies were active in the Americas long before the first Europeans arrived. As it turns out, those brave souls in Jamestown and Plymouth didn’t merely confront hostile Indians and a harsh environment, they found themselves face to face with the living dead! Throughout every era, the living dead played a pivotal role in our history, but the government has held down and kept secret its zombie underclass. Now more than ever, as immigration and terrorism challenge America’s future, it is vital that every American hear the real story of U.S. history and come to terms with the zombies living among us.

Author Worm Miller

Worm Miller

Worm Miller holds a doctorate in cultural zombology from the University of Minneapolis, where he teaches courses in zombie history. A Zombie’s History of the United States is his first book. Miller lives in Bloomington, Minnesota.

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Released: December 2010
Price: $13.95

ISBN-10: 1569758603
ISBN-13: 9781569758601

5.5" x 8.5"
240 pages

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