Roman Empire

Your Cheeky Guide to the Roman Empire

By Dr. Peta Greenfield, Dr. Fiona Radford



    • The rise of Spartacus, the most famous rebel of them all
    • The tale of the goddess Vesta, who saved Tuccia, a priestess wrongly accused of losing her chastity
    • The story behind the Romans developing a cult for the goddess Cybele, also known as the “Mother of the Gods”
    • And much more!


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Peta Greenfield

Dr. Peta Greenfield

Peta Greenfield (Dr G) holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Ancient History and Classics from the University of Sydney and has taught history and literature for over 15 years. She has bylines in Ancient World Magazine, Bad Ancient, Byteside, Classicum, and is the co-author of Rex: The Seven Kings of Rome. Besides being a co-host of the wildly popular podcast The Partial Historians, Peta has also reached millions through collaboration with TED-Ed. She loves terrible puns, all cats, and finds the Romans funny despite how serious they are.

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Fiona Radford

Dr. Fiona Radford

Fiona Radford (Dr Rad) holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Ancient History from Macquarie University. Fiona’s bylines appear in Ancient World Magazine, Bad Ancient, and Classicum and she is the co-author of Rex: The Seven Kings of Rome. For the past decade, Fiona has co-hosted the The Partial Historians podcast, which has been gradually expanding its influence over all other Roman history podcasts. She laughs way too often and loudly, and usually it is about the Romans. She aspires to be Agrippina the Younger when she grows up.

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Released: November 2024
Price: $10.99

ISBN-10: 1646047222
ISBN-13: 9781646047222

5 x 7
144 pages

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