What Will Happen in Eragon IV Cover Photo

What Will Happen in Eragon IV

By Richard Marcus

As eager anticipation for the fourth and final Eragon installment grows, huge questions remain about what adventures lie in store for Eragon, his fearless dragon, Saphira, and the rest of the gang. What Will Happen in Eragon IV presents bold and meticulously constructed predictions about how exactly the thrilling Eragon saga will end. Professional critic Richard Marcus draws on an intimate knowledge of the first three books to craft detailed, spot-on, and astonishing forecasts to answer the burning questions of Eragon fans everywhere: Will Eragon and Arya finally fall in love? Who will become the third dragon rider? Will Galbatorix finally be overthrown? And, most importantly, will the boy-hero survive his final escapade?

Released: October 2009
Price: $12.95

ISBN-10: 1569757283
ISBN-13: 9781569757284

Trade Paperback
5.5" x 9"
180 pages

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