Watercolor Lettering

Watercolor Lettering

By Jess Park

Learn to Paint Gorgeous Colorful Lettering


Build upon basic strokes and foundational shapes and learn to turn letters and words into gorgeous, hand-painted artwork! Watercolor Lettering is the first book to combine popular brush pen lettering styles with modern watercolor artwork. Readers will learn how to create exquisite, hand-lettered works of art that are boldly colorful and decorated with additional elements like bright flowers and flowing vines.


This book pairs captivating, full-color illustrations and photographs with step-by-step guided instructions so that even beginners starting from zero can master the art of watercolor lettering.


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Jess Park

Jess Park

Jess Park is a California-based artist whose work can be best described as playful and colorful. Her loose watercolor and modern calligraphy work pulls inspiration from the colors and shapes of beautiful objects in the world around her.


Jess has worked with well-known companies such as Princeton Brush Co., Sakura of America, and Strathmore, but also enjoys creating custom artwork for private collections.


Jess is a predominantly self-taught artist. Realizing how difficult that can be, she enjoys teaching and encouraging budding artists through social media, her lettering guides, and online and face-to-face workshops.


Jess’ message has always been to have fun while creating, and she spreads this positive message through her work that can be found on Instagram.

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Released: September 2018
Price: $16.95

ISBN-10: 1612438342
ISBN-13: 9781612438344

7.5" x 9.25"
128 pages

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