United States of Awesome Cover Photo

United States of Awesome

By Josh Miller

An amazing compendium of fun facts, outrageous coincidences, devious villains, and inspiring heroes from America’s history


As it delves into the wild side of U.S. history, The United States of Awesome offers a different fascinating topic for every day of the year. Probing many curious facts about the nation — from the terrifying prehistoric giant jaguars that once roamed modern-day Los Angeles to the recent American president who never obtained a college degree — The United States of Awesomewill entertain and enlighten readers with true tales they never learned in school. This book is a celebration of all the things that make America wacky and great. It will make a perfect gift for any curious kid, recent college grad, nostalgic grandfather, or trivia fanatic. From dark tidbits like the famous last words of American presidents and the horrific deaths of the builders of the Brooklyn Bridge to disgusting trivia like the fact that less than half of Americans bother to visit the country’s 150,000 dentists, The United States of Awesomeis a cornucopia of unexpected stories about the American experience.

Released: December 2012
Price: $10.00

ISBN-10: 1612431135
ISBN-13: 9781612431130

Trade Paper
4.25" x 7"
240 pages


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