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Tortillas to the Rescue

By Jessica Harlan

Healthy and delicious recipes that take the simple tortilla and build gourmet dishes that are quick, cheap, and easy to make


What can’t the tortilla do? Tortillas to the Rescue Cookbook shows the millions of tortilla lovers how amazingly versatile the tortilla can be–with dynamic dishes that go way beyond the Mexican classics everyone knows. The book includes a wide array of creative, mouth-watering treats including Pulled Pork Wraps, Hearty Chicken Tortilla Soup, and Spicy Stir-fry Veggie Enchiladas as well as exotic dessert options like sugar-and-cinnamon baked tortilla chips atop fruit salad and pepper-infused tortilla-chocolate bark.


Second only to bread as America’s most popular packaged food, tortillas are consumed by the billions from coast to coast. It is no wonder since tortilla-based meals like huevos rancheros, migas and cheesy quesadillas are so tasty and incredibly easy to make–perfect for kids and teens to rustle up on their own when Mom and Dad need an extra hand. Packed with step-by-step instructions, time-saving tips, and fun illustrations, Tortillas to the Rescue Cookbook demonstrates a beguiling number of ways transform a simple tortilla into a restaurant-worthy meal.


Jessica Harlan

Jessica Goldbogen Harlan has always had a passion for food and cooking that dates back to her childhood when she enjoyed the disparate cuisines of her New Mexican and Jewish heritages. Making the family dinner was one of her weekly chores, and she loved inventing crazy recipes with her best friend for their afternoon snacks.

After getting a degree in rhetoric from the University of Illinois, she revisited her love for food by getting a job as an assistant editor for a gourmet food trade magazine. Later, she moved to New York City and attended the Institute of Culinary Education to get a thorough education in professional cooking.

Jessica has written for, Clean Eating, Town & Country, Tasting Table, Pilates Style, Arthritis Today, Consumers Digest, Time Out New York and Mobil Travel Guide, among others.

She also teaches group and private cooking classes to both children and adults.

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Released: August 2012
Price: $12.95

ISBN-10: 1612431119
ISBN-13: 9781612431000

Trade Paper
5.1" x 7.3"
180 pages


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