There's No I in Office Cover Photo

There’s No I in Office

By Jacob Lentz, Paul Koehorst

One can like ’em, hate ’em or simply be too busy to deal with ’em, but they will still be there: in the hallway, outside the bathroom, at the water cooler, and around every cubicle—day after day. They’re the plague of the American workplace—the friendly, talkative coworker.


Contrary to conventional wisdom, the greatest challenge in today’s office environment is not how to keep from being stabbed in the back by corporate climbers; it’s how to avoid burdensome friendships with well-intentioned but energy-sucking office mates. However, simply ignoring these chatty coworkers will only make them angry and difficult to work with. This book offers the only safe alternative: meaningless phrases that are just clever enough to elicit a quick chuckle and a smile, but don’t really say anything, ask anything or ever lead to an actual conversation. Thanks to this book, the reader will have thousands of little pearls to make coworkers think he or she is witty, interesting and likable, while allowing them to remain total strangers.

Released: April 2009
Price: $11.95

ISBN-10: 1569757011
ISBN-13: 9781569757017

Trade Paper
5" x 7"
400 pages


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