World Reduced to Infographics Cover Photo

World Reduced to Infographics

By Worm Miller and Patrick Casey

Life’s mysteries, why hot women like Taco Bell, and much, much less are finally explained in a way the rest of us can understand—with flashy color graphics


Whether they’re from the classy New York Times, trashy USA Today, or edgy Huffington Post, Americans are bombarded with infographics. Illustrated gold bars explain budget deficits and photos of marching protesters on a Middle East map communicate the spread of democracy. Why does everyone use infographics? Because facts without pictures are too damn boring for a post-Photoshop world. Taking this principle to its apex of design and antapex of importance, The World Reduced to Infographics offers up pictorial representations of fun facts for hilarious effect. From fashionable ways to wear a python and how to get booted out of a wine bar to the five stages of drunk-sex regret, this riotous collection is packed with witty commentary and visually delightful illustrations. Going far beyond what modern media dares to explain, the book combines scientific data, clever analysis, and stunning artwork (Photoshopped of course) to explain age-old questions and modern day conundrums.

Released: October 2011
Price: $14.95

ISBN-10: 1569759898
ISBN-13: 9781569759899

Trade Paper
9.25" x 7.5"
128 pages


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