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The Cycle Syncing Handbook

By Angie Marie

Hack your period with this approachable guide to unlocking your body’s true beauty through journal prompts, nutritional advice, and dynamic routines!

Living cyclically is nothing new; just as nature is designed by cycles of high and low, push and pull, work and rest, so too are the bodies of half the people on Earth. However, modern society ignores and suppresses these natural hormonal fluctuations, leaving menstruators burned out and frustrated as they repress and combat their biology. By introducing the four phases of the menstrual cycle in an approachable way, The Cycle Syncing Handbook provides a straightforward guide on how to optimize every aspect of your life, including:

  • Creativity and productivity
  • Mobility and exercise habits
  • Nutrition
  • Romantic and platonic relationships
  • And more!

Written by an expertly trained doula and fertility awareness educator, this easy-to-follow yet informative handbook will empower you and teach you everything you need to master your menstrual cycle!

Marie_Angie - Angie Marie

Angie Marie

Angie Marie is a fertility awareness educator with an adventurous edge. After a life-threatening experience with birth control convinced her to explore her reproductive options, she dove headfirst into learning all she could about pregnancy, birth and periods. After training to be a doula and then a fertility educator, Angie combined her fascination with science and relentless creative itch to create resources that help menstruators make their period their superpower. An avid mountain climber and ultrarunner, Angie finds home in the Columbia River Gorge in Washington. No matter where she’s exploring, she feels her best when she’s tuning into her body’s wisdom. Find more resources at

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Released: December 2023
Price: $15.95

ISBN-10: 1646045602
ISBN-13: 9781646045600

5 x 7
144 pages

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