Sorry I Had Sex on Your Bed Cover Photo

Sorry I Had Sex on Your Bed

By Hollan Publishing

A hilarious collection of snarky mea culpa cards to be torn out and given to wronged friends, coworkers, and family members


Everyone has those moments when they know they are effing up, but instead of doing the right thing, they go ahead and leave a pile of dirty dishes in the sink, drink the last drop of milk, or even have sex in their roommate’s bed. Now they’re stuck owing an apology. But why say sorry face to face when a cheeky, passive-aggressive card will get the job done?


Embellished with iconic retro photographs, these perforated tear-out pseudo-apologies are perfect for avoiding confrontation and easing the situation by putting a smile on the victim’s face. Each card has a specific image that complements its corresponding apology — a picture of a 1970s dad grilling up a steak in the backyard that reads, “I’m sorry I forgot you were vegan,” or a shot of a 1950s couple, complete with poodle skirt and letterman jacket, standing in front of a house with a white picket fence, that says, “I’m sorry your parents think I’m a tramp.”

Released: April 2014
Price: $6.95

ISBN-10: 1612432212
ISBN-13: 9781612432212

Trade Paper
4" x 2"
20 pages


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