Salt Block Cooking

The Simple Art of Salt Block Cooking

By Jessica Harlan, Kelley Sparwasser

A gorgeous, full-color guide to crafting upscale and creative meals with the wildly popular Himalayan salt block


Previously an exclusive tool in upscale restaurants, salt blocks have taken the home market by storm. Now, thanks to this comprehensive guide, readers discover how to fully unleash its secret seasoning powers. With recipes that take everything from family barbecues to dinner parties to the next level, The Simple Art of Salt Block Cooking serves up flavorful and eye-catching appetizers, vegetables, meats, fish, and even desserts.


Specifically designed for the Himalayan salt block’s distinctive qualities, these recipes harness the full power of the ancient mineral’s taste and unique temperature control. Features 25 beautiful color photos plus 25 stylish color illustrations, this book helps home chefs make delicious dishes like salt-cured salmon avocado rolls and brown sugar shortbread. It also includes tips on prepping and caring for salt blocks, the history of salt, as well as ways to use other Himalayan salt vessels (including plates, glasses and bowls) for added flavor and flair.


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Jessica Harlan

Jessica Goldbogen Harlan has always had a passion for food and cooking that dates back to her childhood when she enjoyed the disparate cuisines of her New Mexican and Jewish heritages. Making the family dinner was one of her weekly chores, and she loved inventing crazy recipes with her best friend for their afternoon snacks.

After getting a degree in rhetoric from the University of Illinois, she revisited her love for food by getting a job as an assistant editor for a gourmet food trade magazine. Later, she moved to New York City and attended the Institute of Culinary Education to get a thorough education in professional cooking.

Jessica has written for, Clean Eating, Town & Country, Tasting Table, Pilates Style, Arthritis Today, Consumers Digest, Time Out New York and Mobil Travel Guide, among others.

She also teaches group and private cooking classes to both children and adults.

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Released: September 2015
Price: $21.95

ISBN-10: 1612434835
ISBN-13: 9781612434834

7.5" x 9.25"
144 pages

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