Prepper's Dehydrator Handbook Cover Photo

Prepper's Dehydrator Handbook

By Shelle Wells

Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Preparing Shelf-Stable Foods in Your Dehydrator
Forget those tasteless K-Rations and preservative-filled, prepackaged foods. With this book and a dehydrator you can quickly and easily be converting fresh fruits, vegetables and meats into a delicious stockpile of tasty foods. The most environmentally sustainable way to utilize your survival garden’s complete harvest, dehydrating is an ideal solution to long term food storage. Plus it’s healthy and affordable!
Learn how to expertly use your dehydrator to produce the most effective and delectable dried results. Then discover a variety of recipes to turn your rehydrated stockpile into nutritious, cheap, and flavorful snacks like fruit leathers, turkey, beef and chicken jerkies, soups, jar meals and more.


Shelle Wells

Shelle Wells is the founder of the popular websites,, and Rockin W She believes that everyone should be prepared for the big and small disasters of life and helps people do this by teaching them how to build their food storage, grow a family garden, and be as self-reliant as possible no matter where they live.

Shelle has been researching and writing on food storage, gardening, and preparedness for over 20 years. A native Oregonian, She currently resides in Central Texas, on an 11-acre homestead, with her husband Steve.

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Released: Apr 2018
Price: $15.95

ISBN-13: 978-1612437866

Trade Paper
9 x 6
192 pages


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