Opening Act Cover Photo

Opening Act

By Dish Tillman

An exhilarating romantic tale about catching the eye—and heart—of that sexy and seemingly unattainable rock star


Loni may be smart and beautiful, but she is wound up too tight. There’s no place she would less rather be than a rock show after-party, which is exactly where her best friend Zee has dragged her tonight. She’d rather be studying for the GREs, or even just sleeping, but instead she’s surrounded by vapid musicians and a bunch of groupies swooning over the Lonely Overlords frontman, Shay.


Loni is sure he’s just some crooning, conceited, wannabe rock star whose cute face makes his vapid lyrics barely tolerable. Until, that is, he turns his attention from the gaggle of groupies to her. She wants to resist his charm, but when he starts quoting philosophers, she finds herself surprised by the intelligence underneath all those tattoos.


Can Shay get Loni to loosen up and have a good time? Can Loni show Shay how to bring depth to his music? Or will they be driven apart by Shay’s stormy relationship with his band manager’s daughter and Loni’s strangely jealous professor? A lot stands between this unlikely pair and happiness—mostly themselves. It may be hard to see what’s right in front of your eyes amid the throbbing lights and flashing cameras of a smoky nightclub. But if Shay’s lyrics can ring true, then maybe love can conquer all.

Released: June 2014
Price: $14.95

ISBN-10: 1612433014
ISBN-13: 9781612433011

Trade Paper
5" x 7.8"
272 pages


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