Live Laugh Lagom Cover Photo

Live Laugh Lagom

By Lola A. Åkerström

What Makes Swedes so Happy? One Word: Lagom
Lagom (“lar-gom”) is the trendiest modern mantra. But it isn’t just a saying―it’s a transformative way of life. Roughly translated, it means “just the right amount.” Beyond decluttering and coziness, The Lagom Way of Happiness emphasizes not having too little or too much, but striking a balance between the two.
This book offers insights and advice for how lagom can guide you in every aspect of life, from eating healthier, reducing stress, and saving money to building stronger relationships, managing work-life balance, and so much more.
Long followed in Sweden, lagom is the reason why the Swedes are known worldwide for celebrating fairness, understanding moderation, and ultimately mastering overall happiness.

Released: Dec 2017
Price: $10.00

ISBN-13: 978-1612437675

Trade Paper
192 pages


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