Jawsome Shark Quizzes Cover Photo

Jawsome Shark Quizzes

By Karen Chu

Perfect for shark fans of any age, this is the ultimate trivia collection on everything shark
You call yourself a shark a-fish-ionado, but how well do you really know the ocean’s ultimate predator? Test your intelligence with these interactive quizzes packed to the gills with fun facts.
• Do sharks sleep?
• Can sharks see in color?
• Can you hypnotize a shark?
• How far away can a shark detect its prey?
• What’s the fastest shark? Strongest shark? Largest shark?
• Does the great white shark have predators?
• How high can a mako shark jump?
• What’s a group of sharks called?
With the fin-formation in Jawsome Shark Quizzes, you can impress your chums with your knowledge of all things shark.

Click here for a quick glimpse inside (and a few sharky facts):

List Price
Released: Jun 2017

ISBN-13: 978-1-61243-684-5

6 x 9
240 pages


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