Guy's Guide to Pocket Knives Cover Photo

Guy's Guide to Pocket Knives

By Mike Yarbrough

Once the proud possession of schoolyard boys and the at-the-ready tool of choice for men everywhere, the trusty pocket knife still rests in the pocket of American men young and old. But the knowledge and respect for this worthwhile tackle, which used to be handed down in the fields and farms, has been all but lost. The noble pocket knife has been relegated to the status of occasional box opener. No more!
The perfect gift book, Guy’s Guide to Pocket Knives carries forward the legacy and tradition of this worthy sidekick to the modern man. It goes beyond the typical how-to book through a well-rounded and witty approach to the subject of the jackknife with chapters on history, fun activities, maintenance, and even survival and fighting skills.
This book will sharpen the reader’s skills and hone their appreciation for this handiest of implements, and keep alive the spirit and tradition of the pocket knife for generations to come.

Released: Sept 2017
Price: $12.95

ISBN-13: 9781612437170

4.7 X 6.65

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